The Field Science Center’s mission is to provide fields for practical education and advanced research that cannot be experienced in our campuses in Tokyo. The center has “Marine Field” targeting the sea and saltwater species and “Inland-Water Field” targeting freshwater species. In these fields, five experimental stations and a branch are placed to be utilized not only for a variety of research activities but also for various practice courses for students, including orientation for freshmen. The center also plays a role as contact point for local communities and industries.

Inland-Water Field

Education and research are ongoing by targeting mainly cold-water-fish culture in Oizumi Station, and warm-water-fish culture and food processing in Yoshida Station.

Marine Field

Education and research are ongoing by mainly targeting coastal bioresources, aquaculture, and environment in the Tateyama Station, and coastal fisheries in the Tateyama Bay Branch. In the Shimizu Station, research on mainly corrosion protection and antifouling of ships, vessels, and marine structures are ongoing. Freshman seminars are also held in the Tomiura Station and Tateyama Bay Branch.