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プライバシ`ポリシ`Privacy Policy

The national Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (hereinafter, "the University") operates the public homepage of the University (/; hereinafter, "this Website").
The University implements appropriate measures as described below in order to protect the privacy of users of this Website. Please read this Privacy Policy when using this Website. This Privacy Policy may be reviewed and updated, so please check for the latest updates.

繁秤鵑量畊についてProvision of Personal Information

  • 云僥が云ウェブサイトの旋喘宀からЪする繁秤鵑旅譴蓮朕議の_撹のために駅勣な浙箸魍えないものとします。また、Ъに輝たっては、m屎かつ巷屎な返粁によりこれを佩うものとします。
  • 旋喘宀云繁が徭k議に戻工しない泙蝓∪喘宀繁を蒙協できる秤鵑Ъすることはありません。
  • 云僥は、云ウェブサイトの旋喘宀に、云僥の秤麑畊吉を朕議として、旋喘宀の繁秤鵑量畊を箔めることがあります。
  • The University will only collect personal information from users to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose(s) of such collection. In addition, personal information will be collected by appropriate and reasonable means.
  • Personal information that can be used to identify a specific user will not be collected unless voluntarily provided by said user.
  • The University may request users of this Website to provide their personal information for the purpose of providing information about the University.

繁秤鵑寮喘についてUse of Personal Information


The University uses personal information that it collects in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When the purpose of use is clearly stated, the information will be used accordingly.

繁秤鵑竜敞宀への_幣についてDisclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties


  1. 隈舵嗽は郊巷リの勣により_幣が駅勣な栽
  2. 云僥縮T?僥伏式び秤麑畊宀の慇嗽はbを隠oするため
  3. 云僥嗽は秤麑畊宀あるいは匯違巷\の附悶の芦畠を_隠する朕議で、o識に佩咾鬚箸襪燭瓠

The personal information of this Website's users will not be disclosed or provided to any third party without the user's consent. However, this will be waived when any of the following conditions apply:

  1. When disclosure is required by law, or at the request of a government agency;
  2. To protect the rights or property of the University's employees or students, or the provider of the information; or
  3. To take urgent action in order to ensure the physical safety of the University, the provider of the information, or the general public.

繁秤鵑礼_幣?屎?茅箔についてApplication to Disclose, Amend, or Delete Personal Information


If the user who has provided personal information to the University requests disclosure of that personal information, the University will disclose the information to the user within an appropriate time frame and without delay. Also, if the user who has provided personal information to the University requests amendment or deletion of that information, the University will promptly amend or delete that information. However, the forgoing does not apply if the University deems that doing so will impair the rights of a third party or hinder the performance of business.

隈吉Governing Laws, etc.


The governing laws of this Privacy Policy shall be the laws of Japan (domestic law and treaty provisions). Disputes concerning the use of this Website shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

@A議な岷しOngoing Review


The University will review and update the contents of this Privacy Policy.